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Make-up and hair services:

Every woman wants to be happy with her appearance. This is especially true on her wedding day.

In our work we realize that we do not make a woman beautiful. Rather, we work together w with the bride to manifest a woman’s natural beauty.

The brides we meet through Avital & Avital come with varying expectations: Some have dreamt of this moment all their lives and strive to fulfill every aspect of their dream; Some have ideas they want to discuss; Others don't know where to start.

Even if you have rarely worn makeup, we are here to help you find joy and satisfaction in the experiences of preparing for your wedding.



Introductory phone call: warm greetings, sharing important information, and closing on a date.

Iintroductory meeting about a month before the wedding to get to know each other better and to align expectations

Agreeing on a time and place for your wedding day preparations that will enhance your comfort and the serenity of your experience

Makeup and hairstyle services for you and your wedding party (by advance arrangement)

An abundance of love, warmth, and attention


Hair Design

We use only the most high-quality, current, and durable products in the market

We work with you to plan your desired wedding hairstyle using our:

· Extensive experience in all areas of hairstyles

· Extensive experience working with curly hair

· Hair extensions, if desired

· Interweaving Natural Flowers, if desired

Comb-outs for family members and members of the wedding party

(Additional fee may apply)



We use the most high-quality, current, and durable products in the market

We work with you to plan your desired wedding look using our:

· Extensive experience with the hypo-allergenic makeup

· Experience with all skin types, looks and ages

· Airbrush available (by prior arrangement)

· Expertise with all types of artificial eyelashes

Makeup for family and members of the wedding party (additional fee may apply)

Complimentary Touchup Kit for the bride


Our relationship with our brides does not begin or end on your wedding day. It continues and grows stronger over the years. We're always happy to get photos and to see you again at events. Please let us know whether we may post the photos, you send on our social media





We are here for you even after your special day. Our workshops, meetings and instructional videos express our belief that women feel most confident when they are comfortable that their appearance is an expression of their inner selves, body and soul together.

In our various workshops, we work with the target audience to addressing the inner experience and outer presentation


Types of workshops:

Individual workshops for everyday makeup and hair styling

Individual and group workshops for wrapping head scarves and how to choose a style that best suits the look you seek

Group workshops dealing with self-image among girls and women throughout the country.

Please schedule workshops two months in advance of your desired date



KALA Jewelry Design

Finding the perfect jewelry or hair accessory to compliment your wedding look has just gotten easier!

KALA provides handmade earrings, bracelets, tiaras, hairpins, and silk flower crowns of our own design. Our craftswomen create every piece by hand and can personalize each piece for your individual style.




Online Videos and Tutorials :

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We're here for you.

It has been our privilege and our delight to work with our many brides.

We'd be happy to accompany you on your important day.


Team Avital and Avital.