Our Team

Avital Zeev

Avital is an amazing combination
of gentleness and strength,
and will always help you feel beautiful and confident in yourself.
She’s a top makeup artist
who will help you stay calm and happy on your big day
with humor and a lot of laughter.

Avital Turgeman

Avital is a leading hair designer
who is attentive to each of your feelings and needs.
She’s an expert in bringing out your inner
beauty and connecting body and soul.
She brings a calm and contagious positive energy
for your special day..


Shoshanna Silverman

Shoshana is the queen of calmness and has magical hands!
She always knows what to say and is a great listener.
She is a talented makeup artist who sees you for who you are
and of course you will laugh together!

Talia Shickman

Talia is the young fashionista in the team.
She puts her whole heart into everything she does
and won't stop until you are happy with how you look.
Talia is always up to date on all of the latest trends
to make sure you are looking your best!