When work and friendship meet

About us

Nice to meet you! We are Avital Zeev and Avital Turgeman.

When we became good friends ten years ago, we discovered that we actually have a lot more in common than just our name. We have a shared love for helping and understanding people and so we studied social work together. We also share a passion for the world of design, women, and beauty. All our shared interests lead to the creation of Avital and Avital.

We deeply believe that inner and outer beauty are connected, and when we meet each bride, we listen closely to her dream and vision and help her find exactly what would make her feel beautiful and confident her wedding day.

Over the years, with growing demand, we added two amazing new women to our team, Talia and Shoshana, who also share our vision.

KALA was created after years of work with brides and understanding their needs. We designed a line of delicate, handcrafted jewelry and accessories especially created for the brides that we know so well.

So why us?

Because we are privileged to do the most meaningful and exciting work!

We hope that we can give you everything you need on one of the most important days of your life.

Avital & Avital